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Легке втiлення ваших проектiв!

About the company

We are TM “Super Profile”.


Our company has been existing from 2003. We specialize in manufacturing of the furniture MDF profiles and MDF panels. And recently we have also started production of the MDF Wall Panels, MDF Skirtings, door casings, window casing moldings and other trim moldings made of MDF slab. We cover them with the PVC foil, natural veneer, finish foil and other types of coverings. We work with both the stock program as well as with orders.


The standard stock program includes over five hundred items. All the products are always in stock. There is also a possibility to manufacture moldings of any shape – on a by-order basis. More than fifty ‘customized’ profile models for different purposesare made on a constant basis. Many of them are exclusive – customer tailored.


Besides the standard collection of decors, we practice development and production of moldings in exclusive colours.


All these additional options enable our customers receive not only accessible, in the classical sense, to everyone popular stock product, but also, if desired, develop their own, unique and exclusive in both form and colour models and, therefore, have their own, unique product made with our help.


During this period, a compact and extensive network of selling furniture profiles and MDF panels in Ukraine was created. Stable cooperation in the export direction with such countries as Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Moldova, Azerbaijan and some other countries is established. We have acquired vital skills in manufacturing, what, certainly, is positively reflected on the quality of our products. Our main advantage and, at the same time, the main difference from our main competitors is the adaptation of our products to the countries of the Eastern Europe in general, and, first and foremost, to Ukraine, in particular. Our profile matches the chip board in both colour and size.


Being a leader in the domestic furniture market segment, we try to stay strong in the pursuit of our goals and, that’s why, we master new opportunities of the familiarized furniture market as well as of the relatively new for us building market. Moreover we are expanding geography of the product distribution in the world. We follow/keep a wary eye on the tendencies, fashion and try to dynamically respond to changes. We expand the existing stock assortment, add interesting and market requested models, adapt to the needs of the market not only the colours and forms of our products, but also, for instance, the format and packing, etc. The main aim is to offer the product to the final consumer in the most contemporary and convenient form.

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